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Chili is a great American tradition. It's so important in parts of the United States that competitions are held to decide who is the Chili making champion.

This delicious bowl of spicy goodness takes hours to make. It also takes the know-how to perfectly blend together meats and spices. Most chili traditionally contains beans, yet chili recipes can vary.

Vegetarian chili has also become a popular alternative to the meaty kind in recent years.

Chili is normally served spicy and in the south it is normally especially spicy. With lots of jalapenos, habaneros or other chili peppers mixed in.

If you don'thave time to make your own, there are many good brands of chili that can be found in cans. You can purchase them in your local supermarket or in specialty stores. Some can even be purchased online.

We offer reviews and information for chili brands, hot sauce brands and other spicy foods.

Another favorite is the Chili dog, if you haven't tried this hot dog smothered with chili and onions then you are truly missing out on something special. Of course everyone has their favorite chili to slather that hot dog with. What is yours?
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