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Comments from different chili brand reviews:

I had my first chili dog taste test today with family members. We didn't want to muddy the waters too much, so we decided to try just three kinds of chili without beans. Bush's, Campbell's Chunky, and Hormel. We liked Hormel the least. Although we didn't see gobs of orange grease when we opened the can, we could taste it. Campbell's seemed to have a slight BBQ flavor, which took a little getting used to but was still good. Bush's was closer to a more traditional (to us Upstate New Yorkers) chili taste, and we could taste the peppers better. From that taste test, we would probably pick Bush's over Campbell's but we won't consider Hormel again.

I like the kind made by Bush. Not too greasy or salty. The kind in the jar is the one I buy but they have it in a can...

One Day we all decided to try the Doritos hot and spicy chips. First we tried the 1st Degree Burn Jalapeno. They were hot and spicy as advertised. I thought they had a nice flavor with a little bite. My mom thought they were too hot. Next we tried the 2nd Degree Burn Fiery Buffalo. Uncle Al really liked these, I thought they had a nice balanced kick to them. My mom said her tongue was on fire and spit them out. Lastly we tried the 3rd Degree Burn Habanero Brand chips. The flavor and heat are intense on this one, but if you enjoy hot foods than you may just love them. You might want to keep some milk handy to heal the burn on this one. My mom refused to try these and Uncle Al said he could no longer feel his mouth after eating this. He started yelling "Hot, Hot, Hot also." I started laughing. Sorry Uncle Al.

My husband likes "Stagg" chili that comes out of a box. Well, it's a lot better than my homemade chili--cooking chili is not my forte. Costco also sells one brand of canned chili that is decent--can't remember the name.

I think Campbell's Chunky is the best canned one.

I just tried some Wolf Brand Canned Chili with no beans. I really enjoyed this chili, it had a very nice taste overall. It had a fair amount of meat in the chili itself. I would say that the chili is a medium to spicy chili, yet has a nice balance and a full flavor. I would recommend this chili to others, I would also expect it to taste good on hot dogs. Rating 9/10