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Amy's Chili Brand
Amy's Kitchen is serving up organic chili goodness, in lots of great varieties like: organic medium chili, organic spicy chili, organic black bean chili, organic light in sodium-medium chili, organic light in sodium-spicy chili and southwestern Black Bean chili. They like to say that they were organic, before it was even a thing. Family owned by Andy and Rachel Berliner.

Campbell's Chunky Chili

Campbell's Chunky is known for more than just their soup brands, they also make great chili. Campbell's Chunky chili comes in these great flavor varieties Roadhouse Beef & Bean Chili, Firehouse - Hot & Spicy Beef & Bean Chili, Sizzlin' Steak - Grilled Steak Chili with Beans, Hold The Beans. Slogans: Hearty. Delicious. Nutritious., It's Amazing What Soup Can Do., The Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL.

Chilli Man Chili
Joe DeFrates a 2 time world chili champion, created this brand. He is the only person from Illinois to ever take the prestigious crown. DeFrates sold the Chilli Man Chili name and recipe to Milnot Co. in 1971. He never publicly divulged the secret. "The main thing is the sauce," DeFrates told the Tribune in 1986. "You must wet those spices, and they're up there in the numbers." He also popularized the double "l" spelling of chilli, which is now an Illinois tradition.

Dixie Chili Brand
Founded in 1929 by Nicholas D. Sarakatsannis, Dixie Chili set the standard for quality food at reasonable prices. "Papa Nick" developed his secret chili recipe using only the highest quality ingredients: 96% Fat Free Beef Chuck, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Bermuda Onions, and 100% Semolina Wheat Spaghetti. He passed the recipe down to his sons — George, Chris, Panny and Spiros — who continue to serve the delicious and nutritious chili Nick served back in 1929, fresh from the kettle, everyday.

Gold Star Chili
Greater Cincinnati is Chilitown USA, and Cincinnati-style Chili is its official hometown dish. Here in Chilitown, the history, tradition and appreciation of Cincinnati-style Chili would not be what it is today if Gold Star Chili were not part of the equation. Read on to learn why Gold Star Chili is the preferred brand of so many Chilitown citizens, and why since 1965, Gold Star Chili has been The
Flavor of Cincinnati.

Gold Star Chili is a franchise of restaurants located in the Cincinnatti area. They offer some tasty coney style chili dogs and some heaping helpings of chili fries. What a great use of chili! Through their online store you can purchase their canned chili, hot chili sauce and gift cards. Slogans: You're Never Too Far from the Flavor of Cincinnati.

Hormel Chili Brand

Always easy, and always delicious, Hormel® chili is made with carefully selected beef, red Idaho beans, vine-ripened tomatoes and a special combination of spices. Our choice ingredients are blended and simmered slowly in an open kettle to bring out their full flavor and aroma. The result is rich and hearty flavor chili lovers ask for—perfect for baked potatoes, hamburgers, dips, casseroles, nachos, hot dogs, french fries and so much more. Hormel Chili Brand has that classic American Flavor that most people love. A long time favorite of mine.

Varieties of Hormel Chili include: Chili no beans , Chili with beans , Chunky chili with beans , Hot chili no beans , Hot chili with beans , Less sodium chili no beans , Less sodium chili with beans , Turkey chili no beans , Turkey chili with beans ,Vegetarian chili with beans.

Nalley Chili Brand
Nalley's claims to be the #1 chili in the Northwest on their website and it seems that our tasters agree, it is seriously good tasting chili. Nalley's has been making chili since 1918 and they use only the best ingredients in their chili, that includes choice USDA ground beef. Nalley's chili comes in these varieties: Original, 99% Fat Free Chili, Big Chunk Chili (no beans), Cheddar Cheese Chili with Beans, Jalapeno Hot Chili with Beans, Real Hearty Chili with beans and Turkey Chili with Beans.
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